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Planned Preventative & Term Maintenance

We appreciate that our clients' properties and their upkeep is a large overhead with tight cost control being paramount.  One method of reducing the unexpected costs associated with property that can arise from time to time is to maintain the building in good order through Planned Preventative Maintenance - known as PPM.  Whilst the PPM approach will not stop the occurrence of freak events, or prevent a property reaching the end of its usable life, when correctly implemented it can remove the cost of avoidable and spurious day-to-day maintenance repairs.

Whether it is the creation of bespoke or work from client generated schedules, we have the experience and capability of delivering a PPM service throughout all the regions we operate in.  

After programming the required service visits our maintenance department team deploy our maintenance operatives in their mobile workshops to the various locations whereupon they attend to the various maintenance tasks including:

All trades site maintenance and repair of building fabric and building services 

Legislative compliance works including:

  • Fire system inspection & testing
  • Emergency Lighting testing
  • Portable appliance testing
  • Periodic Electrical Inspection testing
  • Water hygiene

Drainage system inspection and maintenance 

Gutter and roof cleaning 

Security fencing inspection & repair

Site visits are subject to live tracking and reporting via our cross-bow interactive CAFM system from which service reports are subsequently produced and forwarded to our clients’ in alignment with their requirements. These reports incorporate any recommendations and legislative testing records