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Roof and Walkway Replacement

This particular job arose through the requirement to remedy a long standing water ingress problem at a two storey property in Fife.  The property was split occupancy with a commercial retailer on the ground floor, and private dwelling on the first.  The water ingress was emanating from the failed walkway serving the private dwelling and a failed roof covering serving the retailer.  The problem was resolved by installing a new roof and walkway.  With the replacement walkway serving occupied residential properties above the commercial property, careful planning and considerate working was required to maintain access to the homes at all times.

Demolition:  Strip out of failed cast concrete cantilevered walkway · Strip out of failed built up felt roof covering back to structural timber framework

Joinery:  Replacement of rotten and failed structural timbers · Installation of new timber roof deck

Plumbing:  Installation of replacement rainwater goods · Installation of replacement soil pipe work

Building:  Installation of new beam and block raised walkway · Repairs to failed brickwork façade and structural walls · Installation of new structural column and beam steels

Blacksmith:  Installation of new steel handrail to walkway

Roofing:  Installation of new built up felt roofing system · Installation of new three pack non slip specialist waterproofing system to new concrete walkway and existing stone staircase