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Atrium and Walkway Improvements

£90K refurbishment of an Edinburgh based Retail Park encompassing commercial cleaning, decoration, glazing, lighting and pest deterrent works.


Commissioned through one of the UK's premier property management consultancies, this competitively tendered refurbishment project was commissioned to improve the customer's shopping experience through enhancement of the walkway lighting provision and dealing with the site's pigeon roosting problem.


The project posed difficulties in terms of various access requirements to facilitate the works and mitigate disruption to Retail Park tenants and their customers.  This was achieved through the use of temporary and fixed access systems couple with powered access equipment.


Decoration:  Thorough cleaning and preparation of structural steelwork to remove bird guano and treatment of corrosion.  This was followed up with the application of a steelwork decoration system to protect the steel and improve its appearance.


Lighting:  The existing lighting system comprised of down and uplighters and was in a dilapidated state.  The majority of the luminaires were failed and acting as perches for roosting birds.  The lighting system was stripped out and replaced with new LED fittings re-arranged and wired to provide an improved spread of artificial light to improve night time illuminance of the walkways as well as highlight the architectural features of the atrium lantern glazing.


Pest Deterrent:  The site suffered from the effects of a roosting pigeon population.  This issue was overcome through the landlord's investment in humane pest deterrent systems.  The existing atriums and steelwork had been fitted with bird netting and spikes past their serviceable lifetime.  These were stripped out in full and replaced with new high specification stainless steel bird netting systems with access zips to facilitate ongoing servicing of landlord plant and equipment.  Optical gel, which refracts light causing it to appear similar to flames to a bird's eye, was fitted to all horizontal atrium and walkway surfaces as well as car park lighting columns.  The result was an effective netting system preventing access to the atriums and a deterrent to roosting birds which inflicted no harm to the animals.