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Interceptor And Specialist Paint

£90K project to install stainless steel ground water interceptor and application of specialist non slip floor paint to power floated concrete floor in the Greater Glasgow area.

Following the occupation of a new build industrial unit by an emergency response team for a gas utility provider, we were instructed to upgrade the premises’ existing facilities to meet the tenant’s environmental and safety standard requirements.  The works involved the fabrication and installation of a bespoke stainless steel ground water interceptor to filter contaminants from ground water run-off.  The interceptor was installed in an existing concrete hardstanding and required new electrical and drainage supplies, and connections. 

Internally the power floated warehouse floor was to be decorated with a high performance specialist two pack epoxy floor paint to a non-slip finish.  To obtain the non-slip finish, both the general floor covering and the demarcation lines had to be hand cast with a fine aggregate prior to the application of the final coat.

During both the internal and external works the premises had to retain full operational capability at all times.  As a consequence careful planning and phasing of the works was required to ensure the emergency response teams could retain normal operation.

Ground works:  Excavation of drainage pipe and electrical services trenches to required duct invert heights, as well as excavation for interceptor itself · Preparation and levelling to falls surrounding earthwork ready for new surface installation

Building:  Alterations and repairs to reinforced concrete hardstanding to suit new service installation requirements

Subcontractor:  Laying of new tarmacadam hardstanding

Plumbing:  Installation of new stainless steel interceptor · Installation and laying to falls new drainage discharge pipework serving interceptor · Connection into existing ground water drainage network

Electrical:  Installation of new electrical supply to serve interceptor

Decoration:  Application of specialist high quality two pack epoxy floor paint to manufacturers thicknesses including casting of bauxite aggregate · Setting out and installation of specialist high quality two pack epoxy non slip demarcation lining to suit clients requirement